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From cosmetic neuromodulators and dermal fillers to broadband light and fractional laser treatments and more — we offer a broad range of aesthetic medicine treatments tailored to align with your treatment goals.

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BBL / Forever Young BBL / Forever Clear BBL

Get Clear, Even Toned Skin

Due to the quick and non-invasive nature of Broadband Light treatments (BBL), achieving healthier, more radiant skin has never been easier. BBL Treatments, an advanced, powerful form of Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, work by exposing your skin to pulses of light at a high intensity to effectively treat skin damage.

Moreover, BBL treatments are effective for hair removal. With cumulative procedures, the laser hair removal treatment reduces the amount of unwanted hair growth. And BBL can effectively control acne breakouts as well, anywhere on the body.

Let us formulate a custom BBL treatment plan that helps you align with your skin goals.

Forever Young BBL

From reversing the biological signs of aging such as spots, freckles and textural changes to treating sun damage, Forever Young BBL treatments are the ultimate solution to defying the signs of aging and achieving healthy skin. The non-invasive nature of the treatment makes it suitable for use on any part of your body safely and with minimal side effects.

Forever Bare BBL

Unlike conventional hair removal methods, Forever Bare BBL treatment offers safe, quick, and effective hair removal for almost all skin types. The hair removal method uses fast, low-energy laser pulses directly on unwanted hair follicles. This creates concentrated heat, which raises the temperature of your follicles to the optimum therapeutic level for hair removal. In addition, with its continuous cooling system, Forever Bare BBL treatment makes your hair removal process comfortable and painless without causing skin damage.

Forever Clear BBL

Renowned as the gold standard for acne treatments, Forever Clear BBL treatments expose your skin to pulses of light at specific wavelengths to target acne-causing bacteria while minimizing inflammations and discolorations associated with blemishes and acne scarring. The result? Healthier, acne-free skin free from scars and blemishes.

The wavelengths corresponding to a specific color perform a particular therapeutic function:

Blue Light

Eliminates acne-causing bacteria within the skin pores.

Red Light

Stimulates and supports the natural healing process of the skin.

Yellow Light

Reduces redness and inflammation of the skin.


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For A Healthier, Youthful Glow

The signs of aging inevitably start setting in with time, resulting in skin imperfections such as wrinkles, fine lines, large pores, acne scars, and even sunspots. In most cases, over-the-counter skin products are not enough– that’s where Halo laser treatment comes in!
Halo is a high-end skin resurfacing laser treatment that operates on the principle of hybrid fractional laser (HFL) at two different wavelengths in the same treatment zone. This triggers the natural healing mechanism of your body and stimulates skin regeneration.
Dr. Tetley offers Halo laser treatment therapy services that will renew your skin, eliminate skin imperfections and turn back the aging clock. Now, you can look forward to clear, healthier, younger-looking skin.

Painless And Comfortable

A topical anesthetic is typically used to numb the treatment area and ensure that you experience minimal discomfort. In addition, cool air will be blown on your skin during the treatment.

Quick Healing

The procedure is minimally invasive, and as a result, you can expect to completely heal within five to seven days. Makeup can be applied within 24 hours of receiving the treatment.

Long-Lasting Results

With Halo laser treatment therapy, you will see visible skin improvements after the first week, which progressively improve over the following six months.


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Dermal Fillers

Give Your Facial Features Definition

Looking for an effective way to soften your features and get rid of wrinkles and fine lines? Or perhaps you want to plump up your lips, get rid of dark circles, or give dimension to your nose, chin, and jawline?

As we age, the volume of our faces begin to decrease, resulting in visible signs of aging. However, thanks to Dermal Fillers, restoring your youthful look has never been easier.

Dermal Fillers are a gel-like substance containing hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar molecule that is naturally found in your skin. The filler is gently injected into targeted regions to support your skin from within, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and restoring lost volume as a result.


At Dr. Tetley MD, we work with high precision to enhance your appearance and help you maintain a natural look.


We utilize industry-leading minimally invasive techniques to make your Dermal Filler treatment experience as comfortable and painless as possible. This is achieved by using cannulas in place of needles for most treatments. This minimizes swelling and bruising to give you the safest treatment possible.


Should you decide to tweak your look, reverse an old treatment or treat an emergency, we can quickly change your Dermal Fillers with an injectable hyaluronidase enzyme.


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BOTOX Cosmetic

Restore Your Youthful Appearance

As your body ages, your facial tissue thins out, resulting in hollow cheeks, deep lines etched around your nose and mouth, and the loss of volume to your face. With Botox Cosmetic treatment, you can easily add more dimension to your face and restore a youthful appearance.

Botox Cosmetic is a neuromodulator treatment that works by relaxing the facial muscles in the targeted areas, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. At Dr. Tetley MD, we take our time to understand your requirements and formulate a custom treatment plan that works best for you. We will then strategically inject a series of doses gently into your skin, precisely targeting the muscles in your problem areas to ensure that you get a beautiful, consistent and natural-looking result.


By relaxing your muscles, Botox Cosmetic prevents wrinkles and fine lines from deepening and progressing as long as it affects your skin.

Minimally Invasive

We employ advanced neuromodulator injection techniques to ensure your Botox Cosmetic procedure is as comfortable as possible, while minimizing bruising, swelling and reducing your overall recovery time.

Quick Results

With our Botox Cosmetic treatment, you will start noticing visible results within the first 3-4 days and see its full effect between 10 to 14 days from receiving the treatment.


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BOTOX Therapeutic

For The Betterment Of Your Wellbeing

Tired of wiping your hands before extending your hand for a handshake? Do you get irritated by sweaty feet and sweat-stained shirts in the underarms? Or perhaps you’re looking for a way of effectively dealing with chronic migraines? Do you struggle with headaches, facial pain and dental damage from jaw clenching and grinding? With the Botox treatment, you can embark on your journey to becoming sweat-free or get rid of your almost debilitating migraines or facial pain in a matter of minutes.

Botox Therapeutic is a neuromodulator treatment that disrupts nerve signals to the targeted muscles or sweat glands, effectively reducing sweat production and disrupting the nerve signal around the motor nerves of common migraine centers. By relaxing the masseter muscles, the feedback loop in chronic clenching and grinding is effectively broken.

Individualized Experience

At Dr. Tetley MD, we understand that every situation is unique. We take our time to create a personalized Botox treatment plan that effectively aligns with your goals.

Advanced Techniques

We utilize industry-leading, minimally invasive Botox Therapeutic techniques to swiftly place a series of doses gently into the targeted areas with precision to ensure a painless procedure.

Effective Results

With our Botox Treatment, you will notice a significant change in 3 to 14 days, with treatment effects typically lasting two to four months. Over time many patients see the duration of their treatments last longer and longer.


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Look As Young As You Feel

While aging is inevitable, it does not have to come at the expense of your youthful appearance. And the best part? You do not have to go under the knife to make it possible!

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (or simply PRF or PRP) allows you to naturally turn back the aging clock by stimulating collagen production in your skin. This allows your skin to be renewed and repaired at a cellular level, making it softer, smoother and more supple while restoring its elasticity.

At Dr. Tetley MD, we practice advanced techniques to draw blood from your body, extract platelet-rich plasma and inject it into targeted areas of your skin. Now you can look forward to softer, more radiant and younger-looking skin with the reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

100% Natural

Unlike Dermal Fillers and cosmetic neuromodulator treatments, PRP treatments are 100% natural, as they are derived from your own blood and thus allergen-free.

Technologically Driven

We inject enriched plasma into your skin at a precise depth using specialized equipment to enhance the efficacy of your PRP treatment. Often, we will combine it with a microneedling procedure and synergize the two treatments to increase the overall effectiveness

Lasting Results

With a single PRP treatment, you can look forward to enjoying beautiful, younger-looking skin for 18-24 months.


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Get Longer, Fuller, and Healthier Looking Lashes

While not everyone is blessed with voluminous lashes, that doesn’t mean you have to settle with multiple coats of mascara and eyelash extensions to get “the look”. With the Latisse Eyelash Treatment, you can effectively grow longer, darker, and more voluminous lashes naturally. This treatment effectively allows you to remove an entire step from your makeup routine and achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

The Latisse Eyelash Treatment works by prolonging the active growth phase of your eyelashes. You can maintain fuller, healthier, and more voluminous lashes with a single prescription by applying your Latisse eyelash treatment each day in seconds!

Now you can confidently wave goodbye to your thin, sparse, and shedding eyelashes in a safe, painless and non-invasive way.

Easy Application

Apply your Latisse Eyelash Treatment on the base of your upper lash line each night before you go to bed.


With this eyelash treatment, you will notice visible results in as little as 8 weeks, with the full effect becoming noticeable in 12-16 weeks.


Latisse is the only approved eyelash treatment in Canada and is safe for most people to use with minimal side effects.

*Please note that if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or have underlying eye problems such as glaucoma or eye infections, we strongly recommend against this treatment.


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Get Smooth, Blemishless Skin

Skin imperfections can easily make you self-conscious and uncomfortable in social settings. However, thanks to microneedling skin treatments, you can now regain your lost confidence and look stunning at all times.
Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin treatment perfect for removing scars, minimizing the appearance of stretch marks, and improving your skin firmness and texture. In addition, it triggers your body’s natural healing mechanism, healing your skin from within. With multiple treatment sessions over time, you can expect to see dramatic improvements.
At Dr. Tetley, we insert fine sterilized needles into your skin to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenation, minimizing the signs of aging as a result. Moreover, we also utilize techniques to stimulate dormant hair follicles, resulting in new hair growth.

Minimal Discomfort

We apply topical anesthetic on the treatment area to make your microneedling procedure as painless and comfortable as possible.

Highly Effective

With microneedling, you will notice visible results within a week and see dramatic improvements over the next three to four weeks.

Lasting Results

Microneedling procedure results can easily last up to five months with a good skincare routine. Thanks to our advanced techniques, you can look forward to healthy, youthful, and glowing skin for longer.


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  • Dr. Tetley made me feel very comfortable. With little to no pain during both procedures. His office is beautifully designed and it is very clean. I am very happy with the results. Highly recommend.

    Kate A Avatar Kate A
  • Awesome experience at the clinic. Super skilled and talented. Really took his time during my procedure with great precision for amazing results! I’m a Dr Chris Tetley lifer now! So glad to have found him.

    Danielle Victoria Avatar Danielle Victoria
  • Had my first appointment with Dr Tetley three weeks ago and I cannot say how happy I am with the results. His comprehensive assessment, friendly approach and beautiful office made for a great experience. I’m looking forward to continuing on my age fighting journey with Dr Tetley. Anyone looking for being listened to 100% and getting the results you want should give Tetley MD a try!!!

    Laura Meade Avatar Laura Meade
  • Dr Tetley is very knowledgeable and great at answering any questions/concerns about the process. Very honest and experienced at what he does! If you’re looking for lip filler done right, look no further. Highly recommend! Have been twice and am very happy with my results :)

    Brooke Roberts Avatar Brooke Roberts
  • Dr. Tetley is amazing! If you’re looking for an exceptional experience with quality results, look no further! His space is beautiful, and he is extremely friendly and professional. I had my lips done at another practice once before, and unfortunately was not happy with my results. This made me weary to book another appointment to achieve the results I was looking for. I’m so glad decided to book with Dr. Tetley. He did such a fantastic job, and I will be returning in the near future! Thanks so much!

    Skye Lloyd Avatar Skye Lloyd
  • I went to see dr. Tetley for lip filler and also ended up getting a bit of botox. I am THRILLED with the results, I had no bruising at all and very minimal swelling. I’ve been getting my lips done for a few years at a clinic in Vancouver and I’m so happy that I’ve found someone closer to home who I can trust.

    Alice Trombley Avatar Alice Trombley
  • Really happy with my lip flip results :)

    madeline montgomery Avatar madeline montgomery
  • After just one BBL treatment, at least 75% of my extensive sun damage is completely gone. In the past I have had an IPL treatment which delivered very mediocre results, so I was a bit of a sceptic. I am so pleased, going for my next one in a few days. Highly recommend Tetley Medical, even if it is a bit of a drive :)

    Lisa Pons-Labelle Avatar Lisa Pons-Labelle
  • Has my first appointment today at Tetley MD Medical Aesthetics and I am hooked! The clinic was gorgeous and I loved the setting. I had a small amount of lip filler done and am SO happy with how the procedure went. Dr Tetley uses a special technique to inject the filler which is very quick and almost painless. Also loved the addition of the skin analysis machine (super state of the art!) at the beginning of the treatment. Thank you, I’ll be back!

    Jessie Pruden Avatar Jessie Pruden

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