Meet Dr. Tetley

Dr. Christopher Tetley has been a licensed and practicing physician for nearly two decades. Throughout his career as an ER physician, he has had the opportunity to help people through the worst experiences of their lives. Now, Dr. Tetley is on a mission to help people manifest the best days and years of their lives.

Dr. Tetley is driven to help both men and women to restore, preserve, and enhance how they look and feel. He focuses on the whole patient, improving their general health and wellness, reducing their risk for chronic disease and improving their appearance from both the inside and the outside. Dr. Tetley combines his extensive medical experience and advanced technical skill and artistry to produce beautiful aesthetic results that will enhance features while maintaining the essence of natural beauty. His extensive advanced education and experience in complete bioidentical hormone optimization bring a powerful set of tools to the equation as well, allowing him to help patients to look their best, feel their best, and make the most of their lives at any age.

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Our World Revolves Around You

The exclusivity of our medical aesthetics and hormone optimization practice is reflected in our commitment to providing you with a phenomenal experience. We take our time to understand your needs and provide you with expert recommendations before prescribing a treatment plan to address your problem areas and give you the confidence you deserve.

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An Elevated Experience

In addition to using advanced minimally invasive equipment and procedures for our treatments, we only utilize products with premium quality, medical-grade ingredients. Our devices are very carefully selected to ensure that we provide only the best in laser and other technologies. We thoroughly test all of our products and devices to ensure their safety and efficacy. We take pride in providing a clean, professional environment in our facilities and offer a relaxing ambiance to keep you comfortable during your procedure.

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