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Treatment Overview

Do your lashes leave a little something to be desired? Are they thin, short, sparse and falling out or too light? Are you ready to have your own natural dream lashes without the expense and inconvenience of having extensions applied and maintained? Latisse is your new secret weapon.

Latisse stimulates the growth phase of your lashes, helping you to grow your own natural longer, darker, fuller lashes in just a few weeks. It’s a convenient at-home treatment applied before bedtime in seconds. In just a few weeks you’ll have long-lasting lashes to die for.

Treatment Details
Treatment Duration: Application takes a few seconds a day for 8 – 10 weeks
Expected Results: 3-4 weeks with full results in 16 weeks
Post Treatment: Eye redness, dryness or discomfort
Results: Results vary but full results are typically realized in 12 – 14 weeks. At this time some users cut the frequency of application to every third day or three times per week.

LATISSE is a once-nightly treatment you apply topically to the base of your upper eyelashes. Then, gradually, the results come in. It’s important to continue to use the product to get maximum results, you may begin to see longer, thicker lashes after eight weeks, but by continuing to use the product you will get the full benefit of the treatment. Some users will experience dryness or itchiness around the eyes. For best results apply carefully and sparingly right along the lash line.

Conditions it Treats

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