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Treatment Overview
Botox® Therapeutic

Do you suffer the embarrassment of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) from your underarms, palms or feet? Tired of stained shirts and the mess of antiperspirants? Do you suffer from chronic migraines and wish for a treatment to reduce the number and severity of your headaches? This treatment can help you with these problems.

Botox Therapeutic treats excessive sweating by targeting the overactive sweat glands, reducing their production of sweat. For migraines, a series of motor nerves around common migraine centres are targeted, reducing the triggers for these debilitating headaches. A series of precise doses are placed gently into the skin, taking only a few minutes. The results then smoothly emerge over the following days, lasting an average of 6+ months.

Treatment Details
Treatment Duration: 15 minutes
Expected Results: 3-14 days
Post Treatment: Occasional mild headache, tingling, tiny bruising
Results: 3-5 Months

After a complete assessment and discussion of your goals, we’ll make a plan together and mark the areas to be treated. Using the most minimally-invasive equipment, we’ll then gently provide the treatment and that’s it! It’s quick and essentially painless.

Conditions it Treats

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