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Treatment Overview
BBL / Forever Young BBL / Forever Clear BBL

Forever Young BBL™

There are fewer treatments more appreciated or better understood than Intense Pulsed Light therapy, known as IPL. Today, Forever Young BBL represents a revolutionary advancement to IPL as the only treatment shown to effect the genetic expression of aging skin. Forever Young BBL treatments target the precise biological signs of sun damage and skin aging including age spots, freckles, redness and flushing, textural changes and more. Proven safe for most skin types, flashes of Broad Band Light (BBL) are applied to skin on the face, neck, décolleté or body wherever rejuvenation is desired. Over the days following treatment, targeted damaged cells rise to the skin’s surface and gently slough away. The outcome of regular Forever Young BBL treatments: refreshed, healthier and younger looking skin.

Forever Clear BBL™

A completely drug-free acne solution, Forever Clear BBL treatments apply pulses of very specific wavelengths of light to target acne-causing bacteria and reduce the discolouration and inflammation associated with healing blemishes and acne scarring. Like vitamins for your skin, each chosen wavelength corresponds to a colour of light, and each colour supports a therapeutic function: blue light helps eliminate acne bacteria from deep within the skin pore. Yellow light helps reduce redness and inflammation. Red light helps initiate and support the skin’s natural healing process. As the world’s more powerful IPL treatment, there’s no wonder Forever Clear BBL is the choice treatment for healthier, clearer skin. It’s time acne-suffers learned what Forever Clear BBL can offer.

Treatment Details
Treatment Duration: 15 - 30 minutes
Expected Results: A few days to a few weeks depending on the treatment
Post Treatment: Light redness or sunburn look to the skin lasting a few hours or day. Sun spots and broken vessels will clear up within a few weeks.
Results: Skin continues to improve over the course of many months. Multiple treatments are usually recommended for optimal outcomes.

Between one and three BBL treatments are necessary to achieve the best results depending on the type of skin problem that is going to be treated.

Conditions it Treats

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