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Condition Overview
Bunny Lines

Sounds cute, right? Some people scrunch and wrinkle up their nose when they laugh. A little bit looks nice, but too much can begin to etch in and become prominent.

Neuromodulators like Botox will soften these lines by selectively relaxing facial muscles. You’ll end up with that just-right amount of expression to keep you looking gorgeous.

BOTOX® Cosmetic / Neuromodulators
Treatment Duration: 15 minutes
Expected Results: 3-14 days
Post Treatment: Occasional mild headache, tingling, tiny bruise
Results: 3-5 Months

After a complete assessment and discussion of your goals, we’ll make a plan together and mark the areas to be treated. Using the most minimally-invasive equipment, we’ll then gently provide the treatment and that’s it! It’s quick and essentially painless.